1% Commission Special

Exclusive Variable Rate Commission Special.

$0 Listing input fee. $0 Transaction Fee’s. Full Service.

1% commission – If you obtain a buyer during the listing, through your own efforts or advertising. ( Your Modern Realty agent will handle the details of helping the buyer obtain financing, appraisals, inspections, escrows, contracts and more.)

3% commission – If Modern Realty secures a buyer through our personal marketing plan. (Call us to find out how our marketing plan will expose your property to the greatest number of potential buyers.)

5% commission – If another real estate professional brings a buyer by means of the M.L.S or their own efforts. ( Even if another agent brings the buyer you only have to accept an offer that will still net you what you want. We will use our expert negotiating skills to help secure the highest possible price.)

Please keep in mind that Modern Realty is a full service company. We always intend to pay the buyers agent a full 3% commission and Modern Realty is only receiving 2% for all of their services and advertising expenses in the event another agent brings the buyer. Beware of other company’s who will take a listing at lower rates and then give less than adequate service to you, and less to no incentive / compensation to buyers agents.

Call us now at 954-391-2500 to see how our unique marketing plan and commission special will save you valuable time and put more money in your pocket.

Commission’s based on listing price of $500,000 or more. Call for other rates and monthly specials.


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